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Creating That Perfect Date Part 5: Enjoying the Date

Now that everything is planned and prepared it is time to get in there and enjoy your date. There a couple of things that you need to look out for as you enjoy your time with your partner. Failure to be on the alert for these could cause your dream date to crash and burn.

First, don’t be so focused on getting through the date on schedule that you lose focus on the purpose of the date, which is to enjoy your time together and to get to know each other better.  philippine dating  There may be situations that arise that take the date in a different direction from your original intention. Think about them and determine if they will enhance or lessen the enjoyment of the time before deciding if you should pursue or not. Sometimes a spontaneous event during a date may be the crowning jewel on a perfect date.

Keep your focus on your date. Don’t be distracted by the people around you. They should have no attraction to you on the date. Your date is the only person that should draw any attention form you. By keeping your attention on your date you are telling them they are the most important person to you at this time. If you are looking around at everyone else around you, you are telling your date that you are still shopping and are comparing them to the others around you. This is their time make it be that.

Don’t pressure your date to hurry through any particular part of the date. Let them enjoy and savor each portion of your time together. Sometimes we become so focused on staying on schedule we forget to enjoy the moment before us. If you set up your schedule correctly you should have sufficient time to allow for some extra time at various stops during the date.

Keep your conversation natural. Engage your date on the subjects that you planned for and make sure to listen to their comments before making yours. Think about what they are saying and respond with appropriate comments. Always try and practice active listening techniques so your date knows that you are listening to what they say and are interested in their comments.

Finally, don’t pressure your date for any activities that they aren’t  meet single asian ladies  interested in. Keep the date to the activities in the invitation unless they propose extra curricular activities that you would enjoy. Men, that means you don’t even think about sex during or afterwards unless they initiate it. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. Let this date just be about a having a good time enjoying the company and conversation of each other. There will be other opportunities for other activities on future dates if this goes well.

So the date is done, you have left your date at the proper location and are enjoying the afterglow of the date. It is now time for the final step of the date: The post Mortem.

Nathanial Reeves is an Author, Speaker and Coach, helping people improve their dating and relationships since 2001. After leaving a failed Marriage in 1992 Nathanial began a study to understand how we can make our relationships grow, thrive and last. He has recently started a monthly newsletter to share his incites on making our relationships both attractive and vibrant.

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