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Females are they Playing Games on their Mobiles?

An independent survey was conducted recently by a research agency to understand the mobile gaming habits among people in the age group of 12 to 44 and belonging to diverse geographical locations. The survey was commissioned by a leading player in the mobile gaming business. According to the results of the survey, mobile games were found to be more popular among women than men. In the US for instance, 42% of the females played a single game for over 20 minutes compared to only 27% of men. The results have come as a shock to many of us, who believe that gaming in mobile phones is the prerogative of the male species. The study also showed that users, both men and women, are facing problems in downloading the mobile phone games to their handsets; which in turn is limiting the scope of the mobile gaming market to a significant extent. However, with women getting adept at downloading games with each passing day, it can be safely said that the market for mobile games for women, although small, is growing.

We have to understand that females are definitely playing mobile games and that too with full enthusiasm. And why shouldn’t they? They have achieved similar, if not more success than males in different fields; they are balancing their roles of home makers and housewives as well as professionals with equal panache. It has been some time now that they have broken the glass ceiling and they are not willing to remain behind males in any field! With a change in their roles, the relationship that the women of today share with technology has also evolved; we find that they are increasingly becoming comfortable in using personal computers, laptops as well as mobile phones in their day to day lives. There is nothing feminist in this trend. Intelligent women, across the globe have adopted modern technology in diverse forms for the simple purpose of easing their lives and making themselves more comfortable and entertained. Women of today are using a range of innovative concepts and solutions ranging from intelligent domestic appliances and Internet to video games, mobile phones and mobile phone games. In this changing scenario, games and mobile entertainment have emerged as the new and one of the more powerful channels, which has the power to influence the lifestyles and culture of our times.

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Simple games that are easy to play are being patronized by women. Women, by their very nature are getting attracted to visually powerful gaming environments, soft colors and upbeat themes. They are demanding flexibility in customizing the different types of mobile phone games. It has been found that women, irrespective of their age, are fond of short gaming sessions, frequent rewards, social interaction in their games and the ability to customize their mobile gaming experience. Another fact that has been revealed through researches and investigations in this area is that women in general like word games, cards and puzzles. They are also attracted to games involving dating, hanging out with girls, make-up, clothes and fashion. In addition, the younger among them are getting addicted to adventure games based on the popular ‘Nancy Drew’ series of books.

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