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What do home, work, and jobs have in common?

You may be puzzled by the title of this article but I am only asking for a few moments of your time. What do home, work and jobs have in common? Well, I will go into this for you in a moment. First I would like to go over an experience I had.

I was watching TV about a year ago wondering about the many opportunities that were flashing on and off the screen. I saw the wealth they were advertising. The lifestyles without worry, without pain. I saw the vehicles that people were driving and the houses people were purchasing. Then it hit me. Wealth is moving from one place to the other every single day.

Then I remember thinking, “Hey, if they can do this and succeed, so can I!” At that moment I realized that the wealth I sought was right in front of me. Even in a recession millionaires are being made and products are being sold and purchased everyday.

This will bring together the three things I want to bring together, home, work, and my job.

Home, Work, and Jobs – True Freedom

So, what do those three things have in common together? Two words – true freedom! I knew that if I could work from home and control my jobs I would not have to worry about a boss over my shoulder and I could spend more time with my family. That to me would be a dream.

I knew inside it was a dream I was going to realize. The equation was as follows: Home + Work + Jobs = True Freedom. I knew that if I could work from home and control my jobs that the freedom would follow. But the question was how could I execute this? How would this take place?

Home, Work, and Jobs – Planning

The most important point of the process is in execution. The power is in the planning. I had to figure out how much I needed to make to cover my expenses – living expenses, medical bills, etc. I knew I needed to make a certain amount of money. I had to know how I was going to make it.

I began to separate the businesses that were in front me. I studied and increased my effort in winners. Whenever a losing business appeared and it became a trend I had to let the losing business go. I could not afford mid to long term losses. I knew this. So anything that did not fit the criteria of a winner in by the midterm period was cut from my portfolio.

I had my family at stake. I could not afford to have my children go without. That alone was a driving force in my determination to see this venture through.

Home, Work, and Jobs – Execution

The plan had to be executed. It is one thing to set a plan but you must follow through. If you do not follow through you are never going to achieve your goal. Execution is one of the points where many stop. Some say fear of success, others say fear of failure. I side with Nike shoes, I state “Just do it!”

No one can stop you but you. As long as you remember that and stay determined victory is yours. It is yours because you stay in the game.

When you setup your plan follow through with the plan and execute. A lot of people talk about their dreams but only a few follow through. Be the one who not only has a dream but takes action and fulfills that dream. visit:-

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